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Lack of Faith

This is day 6 of my 40 day Lenten blog.

I lack faith. I am too busy being afraid, worried, upset, resentful, impatient, and prideful to have faith. If only I had the faith of a mustard seed I could move mountains. But I don't have the faith of a mustard seed.

Why not? I don't know. For some reason I can't just give over totally. But the thing is, no one can. Certainly not on their own. Faith is not natural in the broken world. It is something that we must work on and God must help us with. Even the disciples, the men who saw Jesus feed thousands, walk on water, heal the sick, and raise the dead lacked a mustard's seed worth of faith until the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Faith has a be a goal, a desire. It has to be something I am constantly pushing, too. But most of all it has to be something I can let go and let God help me with. After all, that is the whole point of faith. Normally people are not going to get faith all at once. Normally it takes time and effort and lots and lots of prayer. Normally God gives it to us a bit at a time, a test at a time. And just like with Job, God lets the demons test us, too. He lets them get in our ear. But I must ignore the demons. I must ignore my own doubts. I must turn to God, and tell Him I believe, but also ask Him to help my unbelief.

Today's prayer: Lord, please give me the faith to move mountains. Please help me through my trials by providing me with the belief and trust in You that I need.

R.C. VanLandingham lives in Florida with his wife and kids. He is the author of several books including the Christian fantasy books Peter Puckett & The Amulet of Eternity, Peter Puckett & the Enchanted Chalice, and Magdalene Hope & the Elves of Evermore.

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