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Magdalene Hope

As you have no doubt realized by this point in the story, time does not matter to God. He can see the end of time at the same time He sees the beginning. Thus, it is possible for Saint Nicholas and Saint Patrick to exist in Evermore, while in our own time and in our own world they have long since passed away. That is why it is also possible for Thomas to leave our world before Peter is ever born and yet still meet Peter in Evermore.

Therefore, it should make complete sense to you, that what is about to happen actually happened earlier. By earlier, I mean this event occurred before Peter ever came to Evermore, before, he found the Amulet of Eternity, and even before he met Ariel disguised as a little girl in oversized glasses. This story occurred before the events of Peter Puckett & The Amulet of Eternity, but it is very important for you to read it so you will understand the entirety of Peter Puckett’s story going forward. Thus, I shall begin.

It was a normal evening: The wind was whipping and howling outside as the snow blew past the enormous windows. Saint Nicholas sat in his favorite chair, a comfortable wing backed chair covered in a soft red velvet. He puffed on his pipe, too lost in thought to really enjoy the Turkish tobacco, as he stared at the dancing flames in the fireplace.

Nicholas was shaken from his thoughts by the small voice of Mistress Nora, the sweet munchkin who ran his house. “Your Excellency, Sir Palamedes is here as you commanded.”

Nicholas took the stem of the pipe out of his mouth and smiled at Nora. “Yes, of course, please have him come forward.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Nora said, and then turned and motioned for Sir Palamedes to join the Bishop. The elvish knight was dressed in chain mail armor and a tunic of blue and gold checkers. He wore a flowing blue cape that was fastened around his neck by a silver stag’s head. His large pointy ears stuck out from beneath his shining helmet which he quickly removed as he gave Nicholas a flourishing bow.

“You summoned me, Your Excellency?” the elf asked.

“Yes, Sir Palamedes,” Nicholas replied as he smiled warmly at the knight. “Please have a seat.” Nicholas motioned to another red velvet, winged back chair, and the small knight nodded in appreciation before bouncing up to the seat of the chair. He then gracefully lowered himself onto the cushion while allowing his legs to dangle over the edge.

Nicholas took a puff off of his pipe as he stared at the elf. “It is about to begin,” he muttered.

“What is, Your Excellency?” Palamedes asked as a perplexed expression came over his face.

Nicholas smiled. “The end,” he replied. “All of the pieces are falling into place.”

Sir Palamedes listened intently and nodded along as if he had any idea what Nicholas was talking about, though, in truth, he did not. But it didn’t matter. He trusted that Nicholas would tell him what he needed to know when he needed to know it.

“I need you to travel to the world of the humans and retrieve someone for me. A baby that was abandoned by her parents in a dumpster.”

Sir Palamedes cringed. “A dumpster?” he asked in disbelief. “Who would do such a horrible thing?”

Nicholas sighed. “The hearts of men can be as dark as any demon,” he replied. “But this baby is very important to the Lord. He dispatched one of His messengers to retrieve the child, but alas one of the Fallen has intercepted her. They are currently engaged in battle. So, I am sending you to get the child and bring her back here. You will put together a team of our greatest knights to accompany you!”

Sir Palamedes slid down from the chair and landed on the floor before giving another flourishing bow. “You can count on us, Your Excellency.”

Nicholas smiled. “I know I can, my friend.”

Sir Palamedes spun on his heel to leave, his blue cape fluttering behind him as he replaced his helmet on his head. Before he reached the door, however, Nicholas stopped him.

“Palamedes,” he said.

“Yes, Your Excellency?” Palamedes asked as he turned around to once again face the Bishop.

“Take Sir Maeve with you,” Nicholas said.

Palamedes stared at Nicholas for a moment. “If you wish,” he said.

“I do,” Nicholas smiled. “She will have a role in this quest. She must be there.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Sir Palamedes said. He executed another bow and then swept out of the room to assemble his squad of knights. Nicholas turned back to the fire as he puffed his pipe.

“Lord, God please go with them so that they may accomplish your perfect will. Amen.”

Please read the rest of this story in the book Magdalene Hope & The Elves of Evermore!

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