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Magdalene Hope & The Elves of Evermore

My latest novel, Magdalene Hope & The Elves of Evermore, will be coming out November 2020. Magdalene is a character that we will meet in the Peter Puckett series as well. While this story takes place before Peter Puckett & The Amulet of Eternity chronologically, I suggest you do not read it until AFTER reading Peter Puckett & The Enchanted Chalice which will also becoming out in November of 2020.

From the Back Cover:

Sir Palamedes and the elvish knights of Evermore are sent on a dangerous quest to rescue a small child before the forces of evil find her first. This is no ordinary child, however. God has a plan for her--a very special plan. And the Red Dragon and his Fallen Angels will do anything and everything they can to thwart those plans. Set before the events of Peter Puckett & The Amulet of Eternity, this journey through the land of Evermore begins the adventures of the children God will use to save Evermore from the forces of darkness!

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