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Mind Blowing

When I take time to contemplate the wonders and glory of God, I become completely awestruck and normally end up falling down in worship of His greatness. We like to use words like "awesome" to describe His power, but the truth is no word can truly capture how amazing He is! God simply said "BANG" and not only did the entire universe burst into existence from nothing, but it all fell into perfect place, so that every meteor would collide with a planet at the exact moment God wanted it to. So that every bug would eat the exact leaf at the exact time that God wanted them to. So that everything always works out exactly as he intends.

Science tells me that following the Big Bang, had the universe expanded one second slower or one second faster than it did, life on Earth would have never existed. The Bang had to be perfectly timed for us to be alive today. Not only that, but the Bang set into motion a seemingly infinite number of events that would cause the universe, and the Earth, to develop exactly as He wanted them to. For example, at the Big Bang a series of events was set in motion that culminated with an asteroid colliding with Earth at the exact moment He wanted it to, so as to wipe out the dinosaurs and give rise to mammals.

God not only knows everything that is going to happen in the future, He also knows every possible scenario that could happen. This is mind-blowing to me! He knows what will happen if I leave the house a minute faster or slower than I do. He not only knows the good and bad choices that I and everyone else in this world are going to make, and the consequences of those choices; but He knows the consequences that would have arisen had we made a different set of choices. That is how He works all things for good! (Rom 8:28). Giving a Biblical example: God knew what would happen if Pontius Pilate was governor on the first Good Friday. And He also knew what would have happened if someone else were governor; or if the Roman empire had not even existed.

It is impossible for my finite brain t comprehend God's infinite power and sometimes my head hurts when I attempt to contemplate it! God knows all. He created all. He understands all. As God said to Job: "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding." (Job 38:4). I do not have understanding. I am simply a being of His creation, blessed to be made in His image. It is God who laid the mountains and populated the heavens with stars. It is God who dug the seas and set the rings around Saturn. It is God who gave us light and it is God who gives us life. This is why it is best if I simply surrender to Him. Attempting to fight God's plan for my life would be as useless as the grass attempting to fight my plan for its height. I stand in awe of God and His power and might, and I know my proper place is bowing low to the ground worshipping before Him! (Deut. 26:10).

Today's prayer:

Oh Lord, Your infinite power is so awesome that words have not been invented to adequately describe it. Before You I am nothing, and I only matter because You--in Your unending mercy--have chosen to love me. I worship You completely, and pray that You will work all things for the good of Your people. I pray also that You will guide my life into conformity with Your perfect will, so that I may serve and please You forever.

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