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Peter Puckett

& The Amulet of Eternity

Peter Puckett and his world were born from an idea to write a wholesome Christian fantasy that my children could enjoy and which could further form them as disciples of Christ.  To accomplish that somewhat lofty goal, I prayed over many months for the Holy Spirit to inspire a story that God would be pleased with--a story that would bring glory to His name, demonstrate the beauty and joy of Jesus Christ and help bring both children and adults to salvation through Jesus Christ.  I believe the Holy Spirit delivered, and I want to share that story with you and your family!  In fact, I believe so strongly in the power of this story to help form disciples that I will give you the ebook  for FREE!  Or if you prefer a paperback copy there is a link to purchase below.

And please, send me an email to let me know what you think of the book!

Thank you, and God bless!


R.C. VanLandingham  

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