"Harry Potter meets Narnia!"

Peter Puckett

& The Amulet of Eternity


When Peter Puckett prays for help, God sends him on an exciting quest through the fantastic world of EVERMORE!

With the aid of giants, dwarfs, elves and his own guardian angel, Peter must face a horde of monsters, swim past the Leviathan and survive the Realm of Goblins!

Peter's amazing journey will test his strength and courage, but most of all it will challenge his faith, as Peter must learn to let go of his fears and trust that God will always keep His promises.

Peter Puckett and his world were born from an idea to write a wholesome, Christian story that my children could enjoy and which could further form them as disciples of Christ.  To accomplish that somewhat lofty goal, I prayed over many months for the Holy Spirit to inspire a story that God would be pleased with—a story that would bring glory to His holy name, demonstrate the beauty and joy of Jesus Christ, and help bring people to salvation through Jesus Christ.  I prayed for those things every time I sat down to write this book and I believe the Holy Spirit delivered.

R.C. VanLandingham



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