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Peter Puckett & The Amulet of Eternity

When Peter Puckett prays for help, God sends him on an exciting quest through the fantastic world of EVERMORE!  With the aid of giants, dwarfs, elves and his own guardian angel, Peter must face a horde of monsters, swim past the Leviathan, and survive the Realm of Goblins!  Peter's amazing journey will test his strength and courage, but most of all it will challenge his faith, as Peter must learn to let go of his fears and trust that God will always keep His promises.

Peter Puckett & The Enchanted Chalice

It's been a year since Peter Puckett's adventure in Evermore, so when a magic spell backfires on his friend James causing the boy to lose his memory, Peter uses the opportunity to travel back to the fantastic world to find the Enchanted Chalice, a miraculous cup that will save James.  Accompanied by the dancing gopher Euripides and James' sister Lizzie, Peter sets off on a dangerous quest into the darkness of Evermore!  Little does he know that his actions will have consequences far beyond those he intended as he learns the importance of suffering and sacrifice.  


Peter Puckett & The Thief of Evermore

A thief has stolen a valuable treasure from King Apollyon, and a crown from Princess Jezebel!  After Peter finds himself back in the fantastic world of Evermore he accompanies the princess on a quest to catch the thief and recover her property.  Little do they know the real treasure that is at stake is much more valuable than gold and jewels.  Separated from his normal traveling companions, Peter must make new friends to aid him on the quest, including a distrustful fox and a cuddly skunk.  The adventure will test their courage and faith as they fight menacing monsters, climb rocky mountains, and survive dangerous swamps, cliffs, and waterfalls while on the trail of the Thief of evermore!

Magdalene Hope & The Elves of Evermore

Sir Palamedes and the elvish knights of Evermore are sent on a dangerous quest to rescue a small child before the forces of evil find her first.  This is no ordinary child, however.  God has a plan for her--a very special plan.  And the Red Dragon and his Fallen Angels will do anything and everything they can to thwart those plans.  Set before the events of "Peter Puckett & The Amulet of Eternity," this journey through the land of Evermore begins the adventures of the children God will use to save Evermore from the forces of darkness!

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