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Deliverance From Evil Runs Through Fatima

Wielding Our Lady's Weapons

Evil is pervasive in the current age. One can hardly turn on the television or drive down the street without being bombarded by examples. Temptations to greed, envy, anger, and lust are around every corner and beyond every page scroll. The West today is a pagan wasteland of moral decadence and idolatry. What happened to the part of the world that used to be considered Christendom?

The errors that infect us began long ago with various heresies such as Arianism, Gnosticism, and others. With the empowerment of the Church came greed and corruption in its ranks, paving the way for the Protestants to shatter the One Faith, but at least they still worshiped Christ. The Enlightenment followed, convincing the Western world that they did not need Christ at all. Man could be good without God.

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