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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Oh how unworthy I am when compared to the holiness of Jesus Christ. Jesus said of John the Baptist: "among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist." (Matt. 11:11). How great is John when compared to the majesty of Jesus? John says that Jesus is so much greater than he is that John is not worthy to stoop down and untie Jesus' sandals. The magnitude of this statement is truly stunning. It was a lowly slave who would stoop down to untie a man's sandals. John is asserting then, that he is not worthy to even be Jesus' lowly slave.

This was not an uncommon theme in the New Testament. The Apostles Peter and Paul both referred to themselves as slaves of Jesus Christ. (Romans 1:1 and 2 Peter 1:1) So did Jesus' own brothers, James and Jude. (James 1:1 and Jude 1:1). I am without a doubt, so far beneath Peter, Paul, James, Jude and John the Baptist, that I am unworthy to even be their slave and untie their sandals. As compared to Jesus, a wicked and rebellious sinner like me is more properly placed crawling on my belly like the serpent in Eden (Gen. 3:14) unworthy to even lick the dust from Christ's feet. (Isa. 49:23, Psalm 72:9 and Micah 7:17).

I consider it God's true grace that allows someone so afflicted with the sin of pride as I am to realize my humble position before the majesty of Christ. After all, God will exalt the humble, but He will bring the haughty low. (Psalm 18:27 and Matt. 23:12). It is this recognition of my place as the lowliest of Christ's slaves that should dictate the path of my entire life. It does not matter what a slave desires, for he has no will of his own. The very fact that he is a slave means that he must obey the will of his master. Surrendering to Jesus in such a complete way and giving myself over to His perfect will allows Him to transform me into the person He wants me to be: a living and holy sacrifice; acceptable to God. (Romans 12:1-2). This must be my goal. For if I profess to be a believer, anything less than complete submission to God's will is an act of prideful rebellion. That path leads to sin and death.

Today's prayer:

Holy God, I yearn to be a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to You. Please transform me by renewing my mind so that I might learn Your perfect will for my life.

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